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Polyethylene Liner Bulk Bag

PE (polyethylene) bag is an environmentally friendly plastic product that provides high durability, good tensile strength, great moisture resistance, UV resistance, outstanding transparency, and many other advantages. As a result, it is widely used in packaging applications in various industries. The product can be customized according to customers' specification and color requirements.

The PE inner bag is made from food grade material through heat sealing process, so it is highly sanitary. This liner comes in many types, such as ordinary type, formed type, cone top and bottom type, color antistatic type, etc.

Antistatic material is added to effectively eliminate static electricity.

FIBCs with Inner Bag
Based on our long tem research, we use copolymer synthesized from polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. as the raw material, which ensures good mechanical properties. Thanks to its damp resistance, UV resistance and efficient use of storage space, the bulk bag is the ideal packaging product for storing and transporting your goods.

Our standard product sizes include, but are not limited to, 90*90*120 cm, 90*90*90 cm, and 97*97*127 cm. The bag can also be customized according to customers' size requirements. Types of our product include open top type, plain bottom type, small filling spout type, and more. Available in custom colors, the fabric can be uncoated and coated interiorly, exteriorly, or on both sides. With coating, the product has good waterproof, anti-aging properties, as well as bright and lustrous surface. It can also be surface printed for better visual effect.

Conventional FIBC with No Electrostatic Protection
It is suitable for packaging non-flammable goods. It can't be used in the presence of flammable liquid or gas. With no electrostatic protection, the product can't be used to store powdered materials.

Baffle Bulk Bag
The bulk container with inner construction of baffles can retain a cubic shape and doesn't deform after filling. Hence, it occupies less storage space than general products, resulting in a 30 % reduction in transportation cost for users.

Breathable Bag
Due to its good breathability, it is mainly used for packaging agricultural products.

Antistatic FIBC
Antistatic master batch is added during wire drawing so as to make the FIBC have great antistatic performance. The FIBC is made of conventional fabric whose breakdown voltage is below 4 kV and surface resistance is less than 1011 Ω.

As the product can effectively inhibit static current conduction, it is suitable for packaging some hazardous goods, like dry, flammable powdered goods. However, don't use the container in the presence of flammable liquid or gas.

Aluminum Plastic Compound Bag
Featuring high resistance to seepage, moisture, UV and oxidation, the product is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticides, food, and many other industries.

Conductive Bulk Bag
It is made using conductive fiber. During use, ground connection is required for the release of electric charges. The fabric surface resistance is less than 108 Ω, and the bag should be connected to a grounding device with resistance less than 108 Ω.

The FIBC can be used to store flammable powdered goods. It can still be used if the surrounding environment contains flammable liquid or gas, but make sure the grounding device remains in good condition.

As a professional PE inner bag for FIBC manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide European style cross loop bulk bag, PP plastic small woven bag, Japanese tubular bulk bag, BOPP film bag, , and more.

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