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Industrial PP Baffle Bulk Bag

The PP baffle bulk bag is made from all new material and an appropriate proportion of anti-UV agent can be added according to customers' applications. Hence, our color bag maintains great anti-aging property and will not easily fade when exposed to strong sunlight. Due to the baffle structure, the product can keep a cubic shape after filling, so deformation due to outward expansion is eliminated. This helps reduce storage space and allows customers to decrease the transportation cost by 30 %.

Our PP baffle bulk bag can be produced in various specifications, styles and colors to suit customers' diverse needs. It can be integrated with side seam loops, cross corner loops or full bottom running loops. The holes in the baffle can also be customized. Additionally, both non-printed and custom printed bulk containers are available.

External size 91×91×145cm
Internal size 87×87×140cm
Fabric 180+30g/m2 white
Loop 4×35cm
SWL/SF 1000kg/5:1
Filling spout Diameter 35cm+height 50cm+ tie string
Baffle 4 diagonal Fabric 100+25g/m2 Height 120cm In the middle
Discharge spout Diameter 35cm+height 50cm+tie string
Dustproof Polycordel in all sewing
Sewing Single-thread chain stitch

Our company is a professional PP baffle bulk bag manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including European U-style bulk bag, PP plastic small woven bag, Japanese tubular bulk bag, and more.

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